May 2015


 Tree and Star

 Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society
 7th Residential Shamanic Conference

May 4-8, Easter Seals Camp, Squamish BC Canada— To Register

Christina will be presenting Return to Essence
In the realm of the Essence Energies we are reminded of that which abides, that which—if cultivated with our lives—goes with us when we die, enriching the quality of our soul and the lovelight our soul will bring into the next incarnation. When we choose to live well, the Essence Energies grow strong; when choose with weak-hearts and poor discernment the Essence Energies are weakened. The Essence Energies are the “juice" in the things that have heart, meaning, and value in our lives. For each of us there is one Essence Energy that makes life worth living and, when we live in a way that serves that Essence, our unique gifts naturally grow in clarity and distinction. In service of our Essence our true medicine can be manifest with ease and joy in the world.


The Sacred Masculine/Feminine Self
The Cycle Teachings Year Three, Part One

May 17-22, El Rancho Robles, AZ
Pre-requisite: Cycle Teachings, Year 2


In the storm of contemporary life, the person of authenticity and integrity stands balanced in the center, One-With-All-Things, aligned with the Divine Self. The Sacred Self moves through life parting the waters of chaos, reclaiming balance in every moment. In this work you will explore the patterning of masculine and feminine energies that define your template of limitation around power and rediscover the deeper truth of complimentary dualism in our physical world. In this way you enter into right relationship with your True Self and the Great Mystery.

Contact: Andrea at Last Mask Center

Shamanic Journey Circle

May 20, 6:30-8:00pm, Whole Being Health, Portland, OR
Open, ongoing journey circle for people who know how to journey.
Suggested Donation: $5-12

Contact: and join "Shamanic Healing and Teachings"


Last Mask Community Teleseminar

May 21, 5-6:30 pm, Pacific Time
Advancing the teachings of the Cycle of Transformation for students of The Cycle. These teleseminars deepen the teachings for students who are dedicated to living and learning the teachings and cosmology of the Cycle of Transformation.