August 2015

Laying the Bones to Rest
The Cycle Teachings Year Four, Part One 

August 2-7, Aldermarsh, Whidbey Is, WA
Pre-requisite: Cycle Teachings Year Three


In year four we explore the many ways we are of the dream and are the dreamer. These are the shamanic techniques to work with the future in the Dreaming and to clear the past of the unresolved ancestral influences in the Dreaming. We work with the Visionary to see ourselves truthfully, to engage our True Nature to guide us, and align with an engaging vision that is not only true to us, but true the the Greater Dreaming. We cultivate true Ancestral Helping Spirits and engage them in our intentional sacrifice of the False Self so that the Authentic Self is finally unhindered in guiding our lives.

Contact: Andrea at Last Mask Center

Shamanic Journey Circle

Aug 19, 6:30-8:00pm, Whole Being Health Portland, OR,
Open, ongoing journey circle for people who know how to journey.
Suggested Donation: $5-12‚Äč

Contact: and join "Shamanic Healing and Teachings"


Aug 20, 5—6:30 pm, Pacific Time

Advancing the teachings of the Cycle of Transformation for students of The Cycle. These teleseminars deepen the teachings for students who are dedicated to living and learning the teachings and cosmology of the Cycle of Transformation.


Dance of the Shadow Self
The Cycle Teachings Year Two, Part One

August 23-29, El Rancho Robles, AZ
Pre-requisite: Cycle Teachings Year One

It takes significant shamanic skill to discern shadow behavior from Shadow Selves, to then access the Shadow Selves, and ultimately to transform them in to allies...all without getting lost even more fully in your shadow realm. This is the year of the emotional skill and warriorship. We learn the shamanic work necessary for learning to approach life facing your fears, doing whatever it takes, and transforming your Shadow Selves through love, acceptance, and the refusal to take any more shit from yourself. From this place we can learn to discern our collusion in archetypal and cultural shadows behavior and learn to transform those communal shadows as well.

Contact: Andrea at Last Mask Center