January 2014

Actual Energy Clearing

January 10-12, Rowe Center, MA
Registration at Rowe

We all want our life to reflect our dreams and visions and we wonder why that's not happening yet.

  • Do beliefs and fears you learned long ago continue to limit you today?
  • Are you tired of getting overwhelmed by other people's emotional energy?
  • Do you recognize the same patterns in your life not matter what you try to clear, heal or transform?
  • Are you confused by what energy is yours, what is cording by others, and where healthy boundaries are?

We are all challenged by energy: having too much stuck in the past and not enough here, everyday, in the moment and available to live into our joy and our destiny.  We all repeat old patterns, again and again, in spite of good efforts to change. We all get tired of our "issues" and reacting to life as a child. What does it take to clear these old patterns, stories, and fears at their source, one and for all?

Actual Energy Clearing is a body-based clearing practice that anyone can do. No special skills or altered states necessary.  It works at the interface between the physical body and the energy body where we find our "felt sense" of things. No matter where the wounding comes from-past or present, physical or spiritual, mental or emotional-we hold it in the body forever, until we choose to clear it.

This is an experiential class that is primarily spent practicing Actual Energy Clearing to learn this core technique. Variations on that theme that don't arise naturally in class as examples will be discussed. This process moves beyond insight, understanding, tapping, and wishful thinking into how to actually let energies go, giving us the tool we need to gain the freedom and emotional health needed to live our true dreams without distraction.

Come learn how to get out of your own way.
One practice.

Listen to Christina on Why Shamanism Now? discussing "energy velcro" and what it takes to actually become a "hollow bone." Click Here


Life SkillsShamanic Journey Circle

Jan 15, 6:30-8:00pm, Whole Being Health, Portland, OR,
Open, Ongoing. Suggested Donation: $5-12

Contact: meetup.com and join "Shamanic Healing and Teachings"


Last Mask Community Gathering

Jan 17-19 in Tucson, AZ
Contact: Masha Sanders for registration

Last Mask Community is a tremendously supportive community dedicated to learning and living shamanic skills and practices with a practical, loving, dedicated, and skilled shaman. We believe that true love is the one true expression of power in the world and that we are the ones to bring it. Community members are empowered to live the Cycle Teachings in honest and joyful expression of their soul’s purpose with reciprocity and gratitude with all life. The practices allow us to be healthy humans in sustainable, good relationship with the environment, with the spirit world, with our Ancestors, with each other as embodied spirits, and with care for the next generation. The teachings support us to be the people we came here to be with empathy and compassion for the complexity and reality of where contemporary people begin, meeting us where we are and asking nothing less from us than our own unique genius.

We gather each year to celebrate our successes and to tend the health and well-being of our community. This year we gather to clear our collective shadows and engage our true capacity for intimacy in all of our relationships.

Last Mask Community Teleseminar

Jan 22, 5-6:30 pm, Pacific Time

Advancing the teachings of the Cycle of Transformation. These teleseminars are available to the members of the Last Mask Community of students who are dedicated to living and learning the Teachings of the Cycle.