February 2014

Shamanic Journey Circle

Feb 19, 6:30-8:00pm, Whole Being Health, Portland, OR
Open, ongoing journey circle. Suggested Donation: $5-12
Contact: meetup.com and join "Shamanic Healing and Teachings"

Last Mask Community Teleseminar

Feb 26, 5—6:30 pm, Pacific Time
Advancing the teachings of the Cycle of Transformation. These teleseminars are available to the members of the Last Mask Community of students who are dedicated to living and learning the Teachings of the Cycle.

Awakening the Courageous Heart

Feb 28-Mar 2 (Part 1) and Oct 24-26 (Part 2), Tucson AZ
Contact: Cecily Crebbs

Pre-registration required to reserve your space. 
Pre-requisite: shamanic journeying skill

Now more than ever in our lives doing what is right and what is needed requires great courage of heart. While we feel that we move from the heart, in truth most of us move from one chamber, the chamber of the heart we are most comfortable in.  And in time we burn it out. The heart actually has four chambers, which together nourish and sustain each other. When in balance each chamber gives us access to one of the four powers of the heart: Vision, Wisdom, Power, and Love. 

The bottom-line is this: we function in the chamber of the heart we are most comfortable in, avoid one other chamber like the plague, and are pretty much just fair to midland in the other two.  This is not all that we have to bring to the world, and yet for most it is “normal” and “good enough”. But its not enough; it’s not why we are here. We gather in these two weekends to use shamanic skills, ritual, and ceremony to reawaken not just the intelligence and courage of the heart, but also the full powers of the heart—Love, Wisdom, Vision, and True Power.
  • This is an excellent group for this work, diverse and sharing a range of shamanic skill.
  • There will be transformational heart work initiated in the first weekend, small group follow through, and culmination in the final weekend.
  • And, yes, both parts are required.
Together we learn to protect the heart and its creations, to find the courage to truly live our visions, to take action, to follow through, and to do what scares us. With an awakened, whole heart you can cultivate and fund the heart power necessary to bring your visions and dreams into manifestation.  

Listen to Christina talking about the Awakened Heart on Why Shamanism Now. Click Here.