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Soul Retrieval Shamanic Healing and Healing with a Shaman

From a shamanic point of view, the source of all things is Spirit. In a healing, the shaman journeys to the source of the illness or disharmony, in the spirit realm, and effects a change there so that healing can occur here. This means that the shaman is bringing energy back from the spirit world to put it were it belongs in the physical world, or removing energy from the physical world and returning it to were it belongs in the spirit world.


Shamanic Healing sessions are available one-on-one and most forms ARE offered long distance. (However, there are no healing sessions on the phone). Phone consultation sessions are available for questions, discussion, integration, and followup. Shamanic Counseling, a process of working in the shamanic journey, is only available one-on-one.


SnakeThe energy retrieved from the spirit world may be a lost soul part or some other personal energy of the client, a power animal or helping spirit, or information. The energy removed in an energy cleansing or extraction may originate in the person's own toxic behavior or intrude from the environment. Shamanic healing is often used in conjunction with more common healing modalities, like herbal preparations, counseling, meditation, and movement or art therapy. It is intended to enhance, not replace, conventional health care options.


You do not need to know why or what needs to heal before the session. That is not your responsibility. In a shamanic healing session the shaman asks the helping spirits what needs to be done. You must have a need and know that you are ready for change to meet that need.

The following shamanic healing experiences are offered:

  • Soul Retrievals-returning lost parts of your soul.
  • Power Retrievals-reconnection to your helping spirits.
  • Extractions-removal of spirit intrusions (localized).
  • Cleansing-removal of intrusive energies (generalized).
  • Soul Part Integration-healing retrieved soul parts to restore integrity to the lifeforce.
  • Death and Dying consultation and preparation.
  • Ancestral healing-clearing today's suffering by healing the ancestral line.
  • Divination-consulting the spirit world for guidance.
  • Shamanic Journey-journeying on your own behalf to work with power animals and helping spirits.
  • Personal Ritual-creation and execution of healing ritual.


Why shamanic healing?

For people who experience chronic mental, physical, or emotional pain, depression, or addictions, shamanic healing can be a means to reach the source of that pain in spirit and release that pattern of suffering from your life. It is a way to heal deep soul traumas without re-traumatizing yourself or giving up your power to a healer/teacher.


Shamanic healing is a path for restoring joy and meaning to life for people who suffer the ills of contemporary life: stress, the sense that life has no meaning, and the unfulfilled desire to affect the lives of others. New life skills enable you to fully participate in your contemporary life while remaining connected to spirit in a daily way.


For people who enjoy their lives, but sense that there is more out there, shamanic healing provides the skills to reach into your soul's desire. The sacred technologies provide the means to walk a spiritual path on practical, yet passionate, feet and explore your full potential.