Last Mask Center offers classes that intertwine learning shamanic skills and developing personal awareness and power. We believe this is the only way to gain shamanic power and develop the responsibility to use it with integrity and a whole heart. We offer:

  • advanced classes for professional renewal and restoration
  • intensive training
  • basic life skills and practical shamanic skills
  • open, ongoing classes in Portland, OR for a modest donation.

You can register for most classes on the individual class page in the calendar or contact Andrea at Last Mask Center for more information.


Advanced (confident journeying required):

Advanced Energy Clearing
Sept 15-17, Portland, OR

Becoming Elders: The Journey of Fruitful Aging
May 11-14, Oracle, AZ
For Cycle Community Members

Awakening the Courageous Heart
June 23-25, Portland, OR

Healing the Ancestral Lines
— A Training for Practitioners
Sept 22-24, Portland, OR


Basic (no pre-requisites)

Actual Energy Clearing

March 17-19, Portland, OR

The Basic Shamanic Journey

July 8, Portland OR
Nov 11, Portland OR

Training—Sponsored by Last Mask Community

The Cycle of Transformation—Four Year Training

The Cycle begins each year with Masks of Illusion and the Authentic Self. The commitment is every six months, 5 days in the summer and 3 days in the fall or spring for four years.
Pre-requisite: shamanic journeying ability.

A selective and intensive immersion in the shamanic cosmology of transformation and whole-hearted personal power.  Each year builds powerfully on the next, weaving shamanic techniques and processes with rigorous skills and disciplines for personal growth and spiritual maturity.  Dance, art, song, and the creation of power objects infuse the ritual and ceremony that fuel this life-changing path.