The Cycle of Transformation

"I can only say that I was actually transformed by the process, by the ritual, the experiences, the journeying and the interaction with others and myself. Masks of Illusion became a catalyst for the changes I sought in my life, and for a few I didn't realize I was seeking!"
- The Cycle ’97

III. The Sacred Masculine/Feminine Self

In the storm of contemporary life, the person of authenticity and integrity stands balanced in the center, One-With-All-Things. S/he moves through life parting the waters of chaos, reclaiming balance in every moment.


In this work you will explore the patterning of masculine and feminine energies in your body that allows life to throw you off center. Here you will discover the Sacred Union that illuminates all your relationships, which are but reflections of your primary relationship-the one between you and the Great Mystery.


Pre-requisite: Dance of the Shadow Self


The Sacred Masculine/Feminine is a unique opportunity to:

  • Merge with your Divine Self to awaken your Inner Teacher.
  • Gain access to pure Yin and pure Yang powers.
  • Release the aspects of yourself that stand in the way of Perfect Inner Union.
  • Learn to balance of all energies of life within your Heart.
  • Come into Wholeness and experience the Divine, Oneness-with-All-Things.

3.5 Birth of the Teacher

Most people don’t really get The Sacred F/M Self the first time through, so don’t worry. Just come to 3.5 and discover the person of power you could be. "Feminine" and "masculine" are words used to teach you how to run AND NOT RUN your power. Your inner feminine power yearns to be fully expressed as its true Yin self. Your inner masculine power yearns to be fully expressed as its true Yang self. You yearn for your Divine Self, the true Inner Teacher, to live in the center of your life. You must work actively and consciously to create these transformations. Come discover the path you must walk to complete the transformation.