The Cycle of Transformation

"The catharsis of emotions I experienced during this time was unlike any I've undergone before. To go so deep and to come out clutching a real emotion instead of shutting down... forced me to look deeply into myself in the most honest way I have to this point in my life."
- The Cycle ’96

IV. Laying the Bones to Rest

"We are the dreams of our Ancestors..." and we are also their nightmares. All that remains unresolved in your ancestral line, the violence, illness, and suffering, has impact on your life today. You are the means by which they heal.


By aligning "their bones" you are released from their nightmare, freeing your Inner Visionary to connect with your sacred dream. You can live what is good, true, and beautiful in your line, allowing it to support the clear and powerful expression of your Authentic Self in the world.


Pre-requisite: The Sacred Masculine/Feminine Self


Bones is a unique opportunity to:

  • Heal the Ancestral lines to awaken your Inner Visionary.
  • Reconnect to the sacred dream the Universe dreams of you.
  • Cultivate the skills to bring your true gifts to the world.
  • Release the illness and reconnect to the power of your Ancestors.
  • Experience the passion that arises only when you do what you came here to do.

4.5A & B Birth of the Visionary

The Inner Visionary makes the truth visible. The Visionary is the relentless power within you that constantly extends an invitation to you to be who you are. Come learn what is necessary to maintain your authenticity, develop your inner vision and heighten your intuitive gifts. 4.5A is the prerequisite for 4.5B. In this workshop we will develop your path forward to create full health and maturity in each of the Inner Selves (Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary). Only then can the Inner Selves work together to bring your soul's purpose into full manifestation in your life.