The Cycle of Transformation

"Somewhere, deep inside, I felt a connection to life as never before. I felt a 'yes' emerge-that dances with all of life."
- The Cycle ’95

II. Dance of the Shadow Self

The reclamation of power from the depth of your Shadow Self is a necessary step toward living in authenticity. The Shadow is a part of ourselves whose expression we fear; afraid of the strength of its urges and afraid that it makes us ugly or evil.


We repress the Shadow Self, forgetting that it is only a collective nightmare from which we could awaken. Instead we cut ourselves off and then wonder why life has no direction, joy, or passion. In this workshop you will learn to transform your Shadow from enemy to ally and reclaim your passion, perspective, humor, and power.


Pre-requisite: Masks of Illusion and the Authentic Self


Shadow Self is a unique opportunity to:

  • Face fears to awaken your Inner Warrior.
  • Transform your patterns of denial and self-destruction.
  • Free yourself from addictions and habits of giving away power.
  • Engage the power of ritual to heal and transform.
  • Use ecstatic dance to find the path of truth in your body.


2.5 Birth of the Warrior:

In Dance of the Shadow Self we experienced first hand the fact that shoving the best aspects of your self into the Shadow is not an acceptable coping option for your Authentic Self. Each Shadow Self mask is really the energy of a "worthy ally". You turned these allies into enemies when you stuffed these powerful aspects of your self into The Shadow. Your work with these energies is to transform each "enemy" into an "ally." Come learn exactly what you need to do to transform your Monster, Sustainer, Seducer, and Inspirer into the allies needed to live your soul's purpose.