New Life Skills

“Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down and hope nothing hits you, or stand up tall as you can, show it your teeth and say “Dish it up baby, and don't be stingy with the jalapenos.”

- Fireman's Fund Ad

Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice

All of our efforts in our spiritual lives are irrelevant if we cannot ground them in physical manifestation in the world. They are also irrelevant if we cannot align them with the Dream the Universe is dreaming of us. This is the essence of the path of the shaman - balance - to live a spiritual life on practical plow your field while you to travel the galaxies and explore the depths of your soul.


While the shamanism of other peoples and other times is interesting and powerful to experience, it is not the shamanism of this culture of which you are a part, today. Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice continues where other courses in shamanism leave off. It fills in what other courses leave out. With guidance, power, and an open heart your path will unfold. We will:

  • Deepen your mastery of the shamanic journey and other divination skills.
  • Learn the dynamics of gathering and containing the power.
  • Define the actions and practices necessary for you to balance and open your heart.

The sacred technologies of the shaman can be applied to contemporary lives as a practice for spiritual growth. The value of the shaman's way is not found only in the ecstasy of journeying, but in the power of divination, guidance in the path of self-realization, and the application of the journeyer's visions to ordinary life.