New Life Skills

“Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down and hope nothing hits you, or stand up tall as you can, show it your teeth and say “Dish it up baby, and don't be stingy with the jalapenos.”

- Fireman's Fund Ad

Becoming a Person of Power

A person of power is effective, joyful, and creative in life, regardless of the circumstances, while enjoying radiant health and well-being. Anyone can become a person of power in any sphere of life. It is a matter of choice and awareness, plus discipline and imagination. Humans are uniquely designed to innovate and create, but mostly we create messes because we are unconscious of the demands of being an energy being in an energy body. It’s not enough to just live well.  We must learn to take life as a Teacher and surrender to the transformations ahead. This week class covers the essential steps for engaging ancient practices of energy and spirit connection to empower you to become that person you glimpse in your dreams and long for with your heart and soul.


This unique 9-month training will enable you to empower your choices and inspire your imagination to become the person you have always dreamt you could be.  The 9-month format allows people to go deeper and develop a more consistent and effective practice. It is designed for people who already know how to journey to explore the shamanic worldview more fully, find the empowerment in it, and to make those practices part of their every day life.