New Life Skills

New life skills are necessary to live in a way that honors and celebrates the wholeness and integrity of your soul in a culture that doesn't. All workshops offered by Last Mask Center are designed to teach the safe and responsible use of shamanic techniques for self empowerment, personal healing, and strengthening ones connection with Spirit and Nature.


The single day classes are designed to progressively build your skills. The multi-day workshops are designed to give you an opportunity to use the skills and experience the power of healing in community.

Check the calendar page for information on locations and dates.

For registration call: 1-800-927-2527 ext 02586.


“Christina is an extraordinary teacher-even in the context of the wonderful instructors I have experienced at Omega! She presents the shamanic principles with passion in an enjoyable, practical way making it accessible and worthwhile to the experienced student or beginner...Her caring, humor and spirituality are evident...I found every aspect of this program-instruction, ritual, and application-very profound.” - Karee, Omega '99