Soul Part Integration Sessions are available in person. Intergration followup and support is also available in phone sessions.
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Soul Retrieval Soul Part Integration Sessions

Once soul parts are retrieved, they need to be integrated back into the client’s vital life-force. The healing is deepened when the integration is done through shamanic journeying. In soul part integration sessions, the client learns to journey to establish their own relationship with spirit teachers and power animals. The client calls on these spirit helpers for guidance in working with the soul parts to discover what they need to heal and complete their integration.


Soul Part Integration Sessions are available in person.  Intergration followup and support is also available in phone sessions.


The Most Common Integration Questions and Exclamations:


Nothing happened!
This means one of two things (or both). Either the soul parts returned highly protected because of the nature of their trauma or you are highly protected from dealing with the feelings and issues contained in the soul parts. (Our ability to protect ourselves from pain is amazing and versatile.) Highly protected soul parts need to be nourished and encouraged to come forth, to be heard, and to share their gifts and talents with you. You must be patient, consistent, and trustworthy.


I thought I was supposed to feel better?
You probably do, but the parts don't. Believe it or not, this is a good sign. You are feeling the emotions they have been holding for you so that you could move on without feeling. It is time to acknowledge and witness those old emotions so that you can express and release them (let your emotions flow). This is an opportunity to heal old addictions and patterns that you have held at bay until now with the sheer force of your will. Once healed at the source (the soul part), you can redirect your will toward creating other things.


Now I don't feel anything...
Feeling nothing is always a sign of something, so this isn't a bad thing. Either the soul part is numb to emotions or your pattern is to go numb when large emotions begin to move. If you can not create a way to thaw yourself or thaw the part, then call me.


Now I'm angry (sad, scared, etc.) all the time. I feel like a kid again...
This is good because it shows you are connected to the parts, however it indicates an over-connection with them. You have over identified with the parts. You have forgotten that someone has to remain the grown-up to witness and validate the soul part's emotions and experience. These are past time emotions, not current time emotions. Past time emotions always need to be expressed and released. If you can release the soul part's held emotions, then you are well on your way to full integration.


For two weeks things happened, then they stopped...
Good. What was happening during those two weeks was an inner reorganization of body, mind, and emotions to accommodate the soul part's return. Now that is complete. Next you must work with the parts to actively deal with the reasons the parts left in the first place. This is the deep work of the integration and the place were most people stop integrating. This is where the real power to change comes from.


My soul parts aren't doing anything...
That's right, they don't do things. Soul parts can't make things happen. You do things because you are the person with power in the present moment. The soul parts bring you information--information you need to know what to do to complete your integration.


How do I know when my integration is done?
There are many indicators. Remember that once the parts are integrated you won't experience the soul parts as separate parts anymore and you will feel changed because they have merged into you. If you experienced a good emotional release, if you have greater access to your emotions, if you understand your past differently and your parts have merged, you have integrated. If you feel differently in your body or behave differently in your life and your parts have merged, you have integrated.


I don't trust the information I am getting... it anyway and see what happens. If it's not what the part is asking for, then it won't help the part to integrate. At least you are listening and taking action. The soul parts will be right where you left them to ask them again if you need to. Before you do, you may want to ask your power animal why you are resisting the truth of this particular answer. On the other hand, perhaps you just don't understand because you are too close to the issue. Overall, remember that this is a creative process. It's not about right and wrong.


My soul parts don't like me...
Of course they don't, (but it's good that you know how they feel). First we betrayed them by sending them away. Then we forgot them and left them there. And now that they are back they discover that we are boring. Let your soul parts guide you into becoming someone you enjoy being with, someone you could truly love.


I'm afraid of my soul parts...
Good, honesty is a great place to start. You are probably more intuitive than you know. You may be afraid to feel the emotions the part has returned with. Or, you may be intuitively aware of the changes that will come into your life if you re-integrate this soul part. (There is a reason you sent it away in the first place...) The fear is valid for it warns you that you are about to change, however it is not a valid reason to stop your process or to be afraid. Why do you fear your soul parts? What support do you need to move beyond your fears? What do you need to trust? What do you need to have faith in?


I don't like my soul parts...
So now you have an intimate understanding of why they left. Wouldn't you leave if people didn't like you? The important question is: why don't you like them? What does this tell you about the degree to which you love your self, accept your self, deny your self, or judge your self? Every soul part contains a gift or talent. What do you need to heal in your relationship with yourself to gain access to that treasure?


It's been years since my soul retrieval. Can I still finish my integration?
You betcha! The soul exists out of time. Your parts are most likely waiting for you right where you left them. I can't guarantee that they won't be cranky with you, but I can guarantee they will forgive you.


When is it time for another soul retrieval?

  1. When the soul parts you just got back are integrated.
  2. When another life issue, habit, or pattern has surfaced and your are stuck trying to change it.
  3. When your intuition or dreams or journeying tells you its time.

Remember, the parts you got back were what you could handle integrating at that time. There are more out there waiting to come home.


How do I know if I need a soul retrieval?

I've never met anyone who only needed one soul retrieval, myself included. Some people only want one, but Wholeness usually takes more than one session.