Ancestral Healing is available in
person or long distance.
To schedule a session contact Andrea
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Soul Retrieval Ancestral Healing

"We are the dreams of our Ancestors..." and they are also our nightmares. All of our unresolved history of violence, injustice, and suffering is held in our ancestral lines. It impacts our lives today. The unresolved energy of your ancestors affects your physical and mental health, limiting your ability to grow and heal. You can unconsciously repeat the patterns of your ancestors or you can heal them. By healing the ancestral lines with intention you free your own health and well-being from the repetition of the past. Once your true freedom of choice is restored you can better reconnect with your soul’s unique purpose.


Ancestral Healing is a lessor known, but essential shamanic healing form. Through ancestral healing you can resolve the past, heal the present, and create freedom for the future of your family lines.