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Land Spirit Council



The Land Spirit Council (LSC) leads the LMCommunity in developing and strengthening its relationship with The Earth as a Being, Nature as a whole, and all the elemental energies. The LSC is honored to maintain the LMCommunity’s Ayni relationship with the Land Spirit Network and to lead the community in developing Ayni relationships with local Spirits of the Land. With the wisdom received from the Land Spirit Network, the LSC joyfully and effectively produces high quality and profitable retreats that support the transformational power of the Cycle.


The Functions of the Land Spirit Council are as follows:

  1. Guides the LMCommunity in developing and strengthening its healthy relationship with Mother Earth (the Being, not the element)
  2. Guides the LMCommunity to be in a healthy Ayni relationship with Nature and to cultivate the relationship in a way that the LMCommunity always has credit in Nature’s Ayni bank.
  3. Guides LMCommunity members in determining their elemental home and the process by which they will develop their personal relationship with that element.
  4. Tend the healthy relationship with the Land Spirit Network, to include cultivating a strong and healthy Ayni relationship on behalf of the LMCommunity with the Land Spirit Network.
  5. Joyfully and effectively produce high quality and profitable Cycle Retreats.

In other words, the LSC keeps one foot in Non-Ordinary Reality (NOR) communicating and working with the Earth and the deep and eternal Earth Spirits we know as the Great Spirits of the Land (GSoL) while keeping the other foot in good old Ordinary Reality (OR) to produce the Cycle of Transformation workshops. It’s an amazing and powerful dance!


The Land Spirit Council is currently forming for 2011. We thank and recognize the following community members for volunteering to serve on the LSC.

  • Maria Olivera
  • Pauline Cahalan
  • Daniel Abney
  • Cymby Nardo
  • Martin Brennan

All members of the LSC will be inducted onto the Land Spirit Network (LSN). The LSN is the NOR network consisting of the Great Spirits of the Land connected to the North American land mass two Great Spirits of the Land from the South American land mass, and the members of the LSC. The LSN exists to help the LSC produce the Cycle of Transformation retreats in alignment with the deep powers of the Earth.


Please read the article “How the Great Spirits of the Land Came to Speak to Us Once More” to learn the fascinating story of how we reconnected with the Great spirits of the Land  and how the LMCommunity petitioned the Great Spirits of the Land for their blessing and guidance in producing the Cycle of Transformation retreats.


If you want to take your work in the Cycle to a deeper level and would enjoy the significant challenge of manifesting the knowledge gained in NOR into the retreats in OR then contact Pauline Cahalan at