These are excerpts from an interview with Christina by Jody Seay for her show "Back Page".

How the shamanic trance
state works
  Preparing people to be spiritual adults so they can become agents of intentional change.

  The need for shamanism in the contemporary world.

Video of Christina Pratt explaining and demonstrating her work with shamanic healing.

Shamanic Healing, Part 1

What it is, how it works, what it will do for you

Shamanic Healing, Part 2

After the healing discussion with the participant

In the setting of a workshop, Christina explains and demonstrates what shamanic healing is, what it does, how it works. You will see excerpts of an actual, powerful shamanic soul retrieval session, and hear discussion about the results of that session. You will hear how ancestral energies, left unresolved, can cause illnesses and patterns in people's lives that they can't get away from, and/or that don't make sense—like young people coming down with old-age illnesses. Christina illustrates how shamanism can co-exist with and strengthen modern medicine and psychotherapy.


After completing the shamanic healing session, Christina discusses the results of the healing and some of the unique challenges that come with ancestral and dependent relationships in the work.

Shaman Society Video

Christina speaks about passion, unique genius, and the true value of shamanism today in an interview by the Society of Shamanic Practitioners. View video