Last Mask Center Community

Energy Education Council

The Energy Education Council is a Dreamteam Project that is not yet complete. Overseeing the energy education of LMCommunity members is the responsibility of the Community Council. Energy Education is such a large and fundamentally important responsibility that it requires it’s own Dreamteam Project to bring it into full manifestation in alignment with the Big Vision.


Energy Education is where the rubber meets the road for all of us. If you would like to participate on this project and become part of the team making Energy Education manifest in our community, please contact Community Council.

The Energy Education Council inspires and supports LMCommunity by bringing the Life Skills inherent in the Cycle Teachings out where we can all learn them and live them at the standards we commit to in The Cycle of Transformation.



The Energy Education Council

  • Maintains the quality and integrity of the LMCommunity’s energetic container in a way that upholds our standards so that each individual person is held well in his/her transformational process. This includes the release of waste, the celebration of even the smallest successes, and everything in between.
  • Is responsible for communicating, mentoring, educating, and maintaining energy skills. Serving on the Energy Education Council is an opportunity for the practical application of energy awareness skills and the mentoring of this skill set.
  • Produces the Last Mask Center Life Skills Classes in conjunction with Last Mask Center in a way that defines, promotes, and supports energy education so that the Cycle Teachings are clarified, embodied, and practiced in our daily lives.
  • Supports and promotes everyone in their daily physical practice, which includes but is not limited to qi gong, morning medical chi gong, core yoga, and dance.


Energy Education Teleseminars

There are 5 teleseminars that each focus on a specific aspect of our technique for clearing the energies we find in our bodies. This is our practice of “turning over our stones” and clearing what we find within. The EE


Classes are:

  1. Actual Energy Clearing-what is a true clearing and how do I get there?
  2. Actual Energy Clearing-holding space for effective clearing.
  3. Clearing and Journeying-how we create actual change in our lives.
  4. Clearing Without Buttons-what to clear when our buttons haven’t been pushed.
  5. Heart Clearing-how do we bring the heart addictions in to open, clear, strengthen and fill the heart.

All teleseminars are recorded and available for $15 each. Contact Andrea for instructions to pay via paypal and request your class.