Last Mask Center Community

Ayni Council

The Ayni Council is the group of LMCommunity members who are responsible for encouraging the flow of generosity and reciprocity, which we call Ayni flow. Our vision is to build a sustainable community with a healthy Ayni flow of our combined, unique energies, where simply being our authentic selves nourishes the community.  We are honored by these five members serving on the  Ayni Council at this time:

  • Jacie Pratt
  • Patty Kurjan
  • Julie Bolz
  • Gerry Daelemans
  • Rayda Vega
  • Veronica Stork

Ayni is the energy of love flowing from gratitude and reciprocity. It is the act of giving and receiving. The word Ayni comes from an Andean shamanic society. Being in the Ayni flow means working together as a group, respecting individual differences, sharing resources and ideas, being transformed by the wisdom of others. Ayni actions are motivated by love, not judgment, guilt, duty, or obligation. They are a way of life for us to find connectedness with each other, nature and Spirit.